Episode 233: Casanova

February 8, 2003
Listen: Casanova

Art historian Carolin Young, author of Apples of Gold, Settings of Silver, takes us back to 1753 and a seduction supper with Casanova himself. In those days, romantic dinners were an art form, and this one has an interesting twist. It's all about who is seducing whom.

Jane and Michael Stern have found romance and old-style Italian food at Gargiulo's on Coney Island. Sally Schneider tells us what's so special about Meyer lemons and what to do with these gems. A good start is Sally's recipe for Meyer Lemon Curd. We have an eater's guide to Chicago from Bill Rice, author of "Eating It Up: The Good Lover's Guide to Chicago" from the February 2003 issue of Gourmet magazine.

Maria Rodale tells the story of her grandfather, J. I. Rodale, an agricultural pioneer and founder of the organic movement. We hear from Melissa Wagner, co-author of The Field Guide to Stains, and Lynne has a recipe forSicilian Blood Orange Salad.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • February 8, 2003