Episode 228: Kermit Lynch

December 7, 2002
Listen: Kermit Lynch

Our guest this week is Kermit Lynch, a wine pioneer who's been bucking trends since he began importing wine from France in the 1970s. He's devoted his career to seeking out the small and unique in a world of big and uniform. His book, Adventures on the Wine Route, chronicles his life in wine.

Jane and Michael Stern are checking out the goods in Calgary, that eater's paradise up north. Steve Jenkins talks Cheddar, and David Rosengarten stops by to tell us about his three favorite books for cooks. Martha Holmberg of Fine Cooking magazine has tips for holiday cookie baking and a recipe for Lime Nut Buttons. And Lynne takes your calls and shares gift ideas for the book-lover on your list.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • December 7, 2002