Episode 227: Thanksgiving at Zuni Cafe

November 23, 2002
Listen: Thanksgiving at Zuni Cafe

This year it's Thanksgiving big time with Judy Rodgers, one of America's most gifted chefs and author of The Zuni Café Cookbook. Judy's Thanksgiving Menu is modern but homey, and includes a turkey roasting technique designed to free up precious oven space and an interesting stuffing idea.

Jane and Michael Stern bring us soul food at its best from Ellen's Soul Food Restaurant in Memphis. Steve Beaumont thinks all that angst about selecting the perfect wine for turkey and trimmings can be eliminated by serving beer instead. He recommends a trio of beers for the Thanksgiving table, including one that could double for champagne.

Kevin Murphy, author of A Year at the Movies, tells what happened when he tried to smuggle Thanksgiving dinner into a theater. And reporter Scott Haas dines in the dark at Blindekuh (Blind Cow) in Zurich. Lynne takes your calls and has trivia about an over-the-top holiday entrée from medieval England.

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  • November 23, 2002