Episode 226: Cooking with Fire

December 27, 2003
Listen: Cooking with Fire

This week it’s primal cooking at its most seductive—over an open fire. Our guest is William Rubel, author of The Magic of Fire. He leaves us with a recipe for Lamb Kabobs to get us started. The Sterns have found a beautiful woman who makes beautiful food at Café Poca Cosa in Tucson, Arizona.

Cheesemonger Steve Jenkins names the best cheese shops in the City of Lights. Sally Schneider, author of A New Way to Cook, tells us how to have our way with chestnuts. She leaves us with two recipes, one for Simple Roast Chestnuts, the other for Chicken Liver Pate with Golden Raisins. And we take a look at L.A.’s Ethnic Delis.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • November 9, 2002 (originally aired)

  • December 27, 2003 (rebroadcast)