Episode 224: Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef

October 25, 2003
Listen: Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef

Rolling Stone magazine calls Jamie Oliver, known by Food Network devotees as The Naked Chef, a "hot foodie." But there's another side to this tousled British charmer that viewers rarely see, and it's related to his new mission in life. Tune in to hear Jamie give us the scoop, then try his outrageous recipe for the World's Best Baked Onions from his new book, Happy Days with the Naked Chef.

Jane and Michael Stern are in Memphis to check out Champion's Pharmacy, a peculiar and amazing mix of herbology, voodoo, and the unusual and unique in medicine. Food writer Sally Schneider returns to talk saffron, and shares some ideas for using this lovely aromatic and pungent spice that's the world's most expensive. A good place to start is Sally's recipe for Warm Citrus and Saffron Oil Vinaigrette. We'll have Cliff's Notes for the wine lover from Jay McInerney, author of Bacchus and Me; and Gourmet magazine restaurant critic Jonathan Gold takes on the Jewish delis controversy—are the best ones in New York or Los Angeles? Then Lynne has trivia about alligator pears, raves about The Elephant Walk Cookbook, shares two recent wine discoveries, and gives us her recipe forSweet Avocado-Green Chili Ice Cream.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • October 26, 2002 (originally aired)

  • October 25, 2003 (rebroadcast)