Episode 220: An American Wine Family

September 21, 2002

This week Gina Gallo, a third-generation member and first female winemaker in the famed Gallo family, joins us with tales of Ernest and Julio and growing up in the family business.

Jane and Michael Stern are in Nashville eating "meat and three" at Rotier's. David Rosengarten sampled high-end chocolate candy bars for the September issue of The Rosengarten Report. He stops by to tell us if they're worth the sticker shock. From Secrets of the Tsil Café we have a tale of married chefs, a marital indiscretion, the meal of redemption as seen through the eyes of their teenage son, and an unusual recipe called Stuffed Prunes of Buen Appetito. Then it's Stuck at the Airport, the survival guide all of us need for those times when we have no alternative but to fly the unfriendly skies.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • September 21, 2002