Episode 219: A Splendid Autumn Menu

September 14, 2002
Listen: A Splendid Autumn Menu

Hints of fall are in the air, we want to get back into the kitchen and cook, and Sally Schneider, author of A New Way to Cook, is going with us. Sally's healthy, lusty food is what we want to eat right now, and her sensational Fall Menu for A Splendid Table is the best inspiration we know.

Jane and Michael Stern are eating loose meat sandwiches and onion chips at the Tastee Inn & Out in Sioux City, IA. Joshua Wesson talks low-alcohol wines and tells us if they're worth trying or merely forgettable. Kitty Morse, co-author of The Scent of Orange Blossoms, introduces us to Morocco's Sephardic cuisine and shares recipes for Aniseed Biscuits and Candied Grapefruit. We'll learn of an insidious new control in our lives from novelist Jim Crace; and you'll want to have Lynne's Brandied Fruit tucked away for the holidays that are closer than you think.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • September 14, 2002