Episode 210: Buffalo for the Broken Heart

May 31, 2003
Listen: Buffalo for the Broken Heart


This week it's a saga of money, ecology and a struggle to survive on the South Dakota prairie. Dan O'Brien, author of the autobiographical Buffalo for the Broken Heart, is a cattle rancher who asked some difficult questions and found some unexpected answers. One led to the restoration of life to his Black Hills ranch.

Jane and Michael Stern recently returned from South Dakota where they found irresistible homemade potato chips. Savored right from the bag or crumbled atop a comforting Perfect Tuna Casserole, one is never enough.

Kitchen designer Deborah Krasner stops by to explain why she believes proper seating is the key to kitchen happiness.

From her book A Thousand Days in Venice, American journalist, chef and woman in love Marlena de Blasi tells the story of leaving her native Saint Louis to follow her Italian fiancé to Venice. There she prepared for her wedding and embarked on a romantic journey of discovery. Fresh Pasta with Roasted Walnut Sauce is a dish from her early days with the man who is now her husband.


Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • June 8, 2002 (originally aired)

  • May 31, 2003 (rebroadcast)