Episode 205: Off The Shelf

April 6, 2002
Listen: Off The Shelf

Donna Hay, Australia's diva of divine dining, is credited with rescuing a generation of young people from the clutches of take-out and fast-food. Her latest book, Off the Shelf: Cooking From the Pantry, offers tips and recipes for fresh, quick, stylish, and flavorful meals using what you have on hand. Her recipe for Chili Fish with Sweet Lemon Salad is a fine example.

For Jane and Michael Stern, it's warm cinnamon rolls and fresh pie at Gus Balon's Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. John Willoughby takes on that vexing question of grilling—charcoal versus gas—and shares his recipe for Rosemary-Grilled New York Strip with Smoky Eggplant Relish. Let The Flames Begin, John's latest book with co-author Chris Schlesinger, will be published in June. Kitchen designer Deborah Krasner reveals what they never tell us about non-stick cookware. Reporter Scott Haas goes into the kitchen with TV's Iron Chef Morimoto, who has a new restaurant in Philadelphia called, appropriately, Morimoto. Finally, we'll hear how the Bread Bakers Guild Team USA 2002 prepares to defend their World Cup title.

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  • April 6, 2002