Episode 160: Marketing Food to Women

October 21, 2000
Listen: Marketing Food to Women

This week Faith Popcorn, consumer trends forecaster to the Fortune 500 and co-author of EVEolution: The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women, gives us a look at how food will be marketed in the future. Ms. Popcorn has always been ahead of the curve with trends like "cocooning" and "the pleasure revenge." Now she brings us EVEolution, and it's all about a new power base in consumerism. She claims the food companies are clueless.

Jane and Michael Stern are eating po boy sandwiches at Domilise Sandwich Shop in New Orleans. Master of Wine Mary Ewing Mulligan stops by with the scoop on sulfites in wine. Are they harmless or should we be worried? Apple expert Frank Browning explains some of the pleasures and puzzles of apple cider and gives us a recipe for Appalachian Cider-Baked Beans. Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, suggests some beer and food pairings for your Oktoberfest celebration, and the phone lines will be open for your calls.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • October 21, 2000