Episode 158: Foam

October 7, 2000
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We're taking you from the cosmos right down to your coffee cup this week with Sidney Perkowitz, professor of physics at Emory University and author of Universal Foam. Professor Perkowitz will explain how foam is the link between your cappuccino and the cup you drink it from to the chair you sit in and the stars in the night sky. It's quite a trip.

Jane and Michael Stern are eating Five-Way Chili at Camp Washington in Cincinnati. Jewish-food and culture writer Matthew Goodman reports on the origin of the Sabbath bread, challah, and shares a favorite recipe forChallah French Toast à la Peter Pan. Euan Kerr, Senior Editor at Minnesota Public Radio, drops by to enlighten us about the finer points of Marmite, we'll go to a rave with the Wine Brats, and Lynne, just back from San Diego, shares a nouvelle Japanese restaurant find.

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  • October 7, 2000

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