Episode 155: Olive Oil

June 30, 2001
Listen: Olive Oil

Americans are crazy for olive oil. It's had a major impact on our cooking, but buying and enjoying it can be complex and confusing. Why does one bottle cost $6 while another costs $60? Peggy Knickerbocker, author of Olive Oil: From Tree to Table, has traveled the Mediterranean researching how olive oil is made and what makes a quality oil. She answers that question and more, names her favorite California oils, and gives us her recipe for Tattooed Potatoes With Rosemary.

Jane and Michael Stern tell us where they found "turkey sandwich perfection" in Seattle. Cheesemonger Steve Jenkins explains the art of the affineur and has a trick or two up his sleeve that we can use at home to improve our own cheeses. Pickling season is here, so John Willoughby shares his delicious recipes for Easy Cucumber Pickles and Sweet and Hot Curried Zucchini Pickles. Finally, we ll learn secrets to shopping for East Indian foods with Linda Bladholm, author of The Indian Grocery Store Demystified.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • September 9, 2000 (originally aired)

  • June 30, 2001 (rebroadcast)