Episode 151: A French Chateau Kitchen

August 5, 2000
Listen: A French Chateau Kitchen

We're off to France and one of Europe's great cooking schools to hear about life and learning in the beautiful Burgundy region. Anne Willan, owner of École de Cuisine La Varenne and author of From My Château Kitchen, takes us behind the scenes of her famous school and shares travel tips and tales of life in a rambling old chateau in the French countryside. This week's recipe for Patrick Gautier's Soft-Centered Warm Chocolate Cake comes from one of Anne's favorite pastry chefs.

Jane and Michael Stern are at Al the Wop's in Walnut Grove, California where the Italian owner serves burgers and steak sandwiches in a former Chinese restaurant and there's peanut butter and marmalade on every table. Wine wit Joshua Wesson tells us rosé isn't for sissies any more so we asked him for some good picks around $10 a bottle. Our kitchen designer Deborah Krasner talks antique kitchen tools that still work today, including the mehu-liisa that she loves, and we have a seafood alert from California's Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • August 5, 2000