Episode 150: American Cheese

July 29, 2000
Listen: American Cheese

We're talking American cheeses this week but we won't be including those ubiquitous, shrink-wrapped, orange blocks seen in every supermarket dairy case.

There's a new breed of artisan cheesemakers now turning out luscious, award-winning, handmade varieties and Laura Werlin, author of The New American Cheese , introduces us to the folks who started this renaissance. Think California Teleme so ripe and creamy you eat it with a spoon and you've got the picture. Jane and Michael Stern are in South Carolina scarfing up Pig-a-Plenty Platters at the Beacon Drive-In. Herb genius Jerry Traunfeld offers some thoughts on the often overlooked marjoram, and tea expert Bill Waddington introduces Lynne to a new realm of tea, the lovely display teas of China. Will she be sipping or looking? Our trivia question inspires us to reconsider portion sizes, and this week's recipes are pure summer:Grilled Marjoram-Scented Corn and Herbed Sugar Snap Peas with Goat Cheese.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • July 29, 2000