Episode 129: Curry, Saltines, and More

January 29, 2000

We're wandering the culinary map this week with a look at curry, posole, fish terminology, bacon-of-the-month, and saltines! Our guest Nancie McDermott, author of The Curry Book, shares her infatuation with curries that began during a stint with the Peace Corps in Thailand. Her recipe for Mussamun Curry is a classic Thai dish often served at celebration feasts.

Jane and Michael Stern indulge in a real Southern Sunday Supper at the Branch Ranch in Florida. Minimalist cook Mark Bittman decodes fish terminology and shares his recipe for Salmon Roasted in Butter; Kent Patterson reports on posole, the Mexican version of "TGIF"; we'll tell you where to find superb mail-order bacon, and Lynne does a saltine tasting.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • January 29, 2000