Episode 111: Have Some Dim Sum

August 14, 1999

Over the past decade Americans have become devotees of dim sum, those tasty little morsels that originated in the Chinese province of Canton during the Han dynasty. Evelyn Chau, author of Have Some Dim Sum, explains the ritual and etiquette surrounding this unique eating experience and offers tips on how and what to order from the carts offering a mind-boggling array of delights from which to choose. Jane and Michael Stern debunk the notion that good, inexpensive food cannot be had in California's trendy Napa Valley with their report from the Model Bakery in St. Helena. In the world of cheese, there are some irrefutable givens as Steve Jenkins reveals in his cheese precepts. Author and naturalist Diane Ackerman has some thoughts on food and thrill seeking, and Lynne shares her recipe for satay, a popular Malaysian street food. We'll have another trivia question and the phone lines will be open for your calls.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • August 14, 1999