Episode 24: License to Grill

June 28, 1997

Fine tune those Webers with John Willoughby, coauthor of the award winning book Thrill of the Grill and the newly published License to Grill. Check out this week's recipe: your basic whole grilled fish strategy. We talk to Fred Dodsworth, publisher of auJuice,The Journal of Eatin', Drinkin' and Screwin' round. Specialty fruit expert David Karp talks about cherries. Lynne takes your calls, answers listener mail, and challenges another listener in this week's "StumpThe Cook" Great news!— in the spirit of "you can get get too much of a good thing," Jane and Michael Stern will join us every week with their "Two For The Road" series starting July 5th.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • June 28, 1997