Episode 7: The French in French Roast

February 15, 1997

What puts the French in French Roast? Sara Perry, author of The Complete Coffee Book and The Book of Herbal Teas, will be with us to answer your calls on coffee and tea. Interested in growing your own herbal teas? What's the secret to the perfect cup of coffee? Here's your chance to perfect your morning ritual. Darra Goldstein, author of The Vegetarian Hearth, talks about her love of Winter Foods and the power secreted away in every pantry. Celebrate living in a world where winter is real! (by the way, the book she refers to is The Golovlevsby Mikhail Sultykov-Shchedrin) Iced tea is never out of season for Kathleen Purvis—Food Editor of the Charlotte Observer. Lynne has spent some time down south and has some thoughts on butter.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • February 15, 1997