Episode 3: The Cheese Primer

May 24, 1997

Steve Jenkins is author of the Cheese Primer and one of the country's leading and most opinionated authorities on cheese and cheesemaking. Steve will sort out the Muensters from the Munsters! Here is a list of Steve's favorites to take to your local cheesemonger. Mary Ewing Mulligan dusts off a few of her favorite Cognacs and sheds some light on those mysterious label markings. If XO looks like your favorite scrabble word and VSOP something you might find on an invite, then you'll want to take an educated look. Lynne offers up another recipe in "Beyond Takeout," a segment devoted to getting fast good food on your family table.

Broadcast dates for this episode:

  • January 18, 1997 (originally aired)

  • May 24, 1997 (rebroadcast)