Grains, Flours, Beans

Grains, Flours, Beans

Pie does not get better than this. Reducing and concentrating the juices of the apples make it necessary to use only about half the usual amount of thickener, resulting in a purer apple flavor, a juicy filling, and a crisp bottom crust. Make apple pie in the fall, at the height of the apple season, or whenever you have the yearning.

I love to serve pale beans like cannellini or baby white limas as a warm salad, dressed with an emulsion of rosemary-and-thyme-infused olive oil, a little of their cooking liquid, and olives.

Granola made from oats, nuts, and seeds.

These tomatoes are just as katapliktiko (unspeakably fabulous) warm or at room temperature, so you could bake them earlier in the day.