Using a mix of vegetable oil and extra-virgin olive oil is crucial to the flavor of the aïoli.

Garlic confit is nothing more than the peeled cloves slow cooked in a bath of seasoned oil. This strips the raw cloves of their acidity, removes their sharp heat, and concentrates their sweetness.

Greeks use this condiment, known as tzatziki, on just about everything. It's one seriously flavorful and healthy sauce.

Smoky and spicy chipotle peppers plus Cucumber Yogurt Dip make for an entirely different condiment, one that you can use on almost anything that calls for mayonnaise or ketchup.

Ho-hum hummus gets a makeover when roasted beets are blended into the mix.

Consider this recipe a base from which you can build your own signature kimchi, adjusting the vegetables as you see fit.

These onions have the perfect herbal tones to complement a great gin martini or a Bloody Mary.