Shirley O. Corriher

Shirley O. Corriher is a writer, author, biochemist, teacher and lecturer. She writes a column for The Los Angeles Times' "Great Chefs" series as well as articles in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Her book Cookwise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Cooking is received a James Beard award.

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One of the problems with making fake French fries by roasting potato strips in the oven is that they get not so very brown. Here's how you can use science to fix that.
In most cases it's easy to select the right starch for the job.
A short cooking time (under 7 minutes) is a must to keep green vegetables bright green.
To prevent a blueish discoloration in dishes with cabbage or cherries, just add some acid in the form of lemon juice.
From keeping pesto green to using defrosted meat, Shirley Corriher, author of CookWise, shares tips for selecting and storing food to preserve freshness.

Get the leavening right and you'll have lighter, finer textured cakes.