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Andrew Schloss is a restaurateur; the author of 12 cookbooks; a writer whose articles have appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Chicago Tribune, Bon Appetit and Family Circle; and president of product development company Culinary Generations, Inc. He is the former president of The International Association of Culinary Professionals and former director of the culinary curriculum for The Restaurant School in Philadelphia. His website is His latest book is Cooking Slow: Recipes for Slowing Down and Cooking More.

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Simple syrup is truly simple to make.

I am a sucker for cinnamon and blueberries; I wish I knew why.

When this nice girl of capsicums is infused into pepper-scented reposado tequila, perfumed with orange oil, and sweetened with cactus syrup, she takes her rightful place as the saucy señorita of potent potables.

This liqueur is single-minded: It thinks of nothing but ripe strawberries, and in its simplistic innocence it sings sweetly.

This recipe is down and dirty and our new go-to summertime quick and easy dinner.

Cooking outdoors without the high-tech benefits of thermostats and heavy gauge saucepans requires greater vigilance and knowledge than anything demanded from indoor cooking, but there's an easy way to tilt the odds in your favor -- indirect grilling. 

Like all slow-roasting, the method is a snap and life-altering. You will start up to 2 days ahead, but there is less than 15 minutes of labor in that entire 48 hours.