Wine Savers

When it comes to kitchen toys, gadget guru Dorie Greenspan knows all. She's always on the prowl for what's new and useful and reports her findings in her "Tools of the Trade" column for Bon Appétit magazine.

When you're in the market for a device to keep an opened bottle of wine in top form (leftovers occasionally happen, after all), Dorie suggests these:

For still wines:

Vacu Vin: a plastic pump removes air from the bottle before it's sealed with a rubber stopper. About $20.

Private Preserve Wine Preserver: a can of tasteless inert gas and a straw combo. About 120 "saves" for around $10.

For sparkling wines:

Generally speaking, wine savers don't work as well on sparkling wines, but Vacu Vin and Screwpull both make champagne caps priced between $12 and $32.


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