Chef Daniel Klein and camerawoman Mirra Fine of the weekly, online documentary series The Perennial Plate learned about farming teff in Ethiopia.
Chef Maria Elia, author of Smashing Plates, says Greece is known for its wealth of cheeses and honeys. Feta and honey are "two simple ingredients that just give so much," she says.
Karl Vogel, a married father of three who loves to cook from Lincoln, Nebraska, challenges Lynne to make a dish from tilapia filets, rolled oats, baby carrots, almond butter and garlic.
Chef, writer and television host Amy Thielen knows her way around an eggplant. “Properly cooked eggplant is as plush as a pillow, as soft as custard,” says Thielen, who didn’t like eggplant until her 20s.
When it comes to dessert, vanilla is just so, well, vanilla. With ingredients like sauerkraut and 7-Up, these desserts are anything but.
Fred Plotkin is the author of the classic guide Italy for the Gourmet Traveler. He suggests three towns where visitors can experience what he calls "the real Italy."
When rebel chef Roy Choi, author of L.A. Son, served Korean tacos for $2 each, his food truck, Kogi BBQ, became an icon of the L.A. street scene.
Andrew Schloss, author of Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits, says fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs can be transformed into amazing-tasting liqueurs that are perfect for the summer cocktail season.
How do you feed 9 billion people? That's an estimate of how many people will be living on the planet in 40 years. Dennis Dimick, the executive editor of National Geographic, explains Jonathan Foley's article "A Five-Step Plan to Feed the World."
Dip grilled meats and vegetables into this at the table. The vinegar goes into sauces, livens up gazpacho and sparks drinks.
Roadfood, by Jane and Michael Stern, was published in 1977 and became a classic that is now in its ninth edition. Michael says regional food is "a national legacy, a heritage that's well worth preserving."
Cheesemonger Steve Jones of Cheese Bar in Portland, Oregon, collaborates with local breweries to make cheese-friendly beers. He shares his pairing advice.
With more than 7 million copies of his books in print, humorist and satirist David Sedaris looks at the sides of life that most of us would not even notice. The author of Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls explains why his father would dine in underpants.
John Joseph, a punk rock singer most famous for his work with the Cro-Mags, is the author of Meat is for Pussies, which attacks the myth that men need meat to be fit and strong.
Paula Marcoux, author of Cooking with Fire, says many of the flatbreads we know today are "from one idea that just diffused over thousands of years." The food historian and former archaeologist recreated a flatbread recipe from archaeological artifacts.
The introduction to the 2014 edition of Roadfood by Jane and Michael Stern.
We underestimate the radish in the U.S.
Whip up this easy garlic paste on the weekend and dip into it all week long.
Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine of The Perennial Plate learn about mate in Argentina from Guayaki's Alex Pryor.
For Diana Henry, author of A Change of Appetite, eating healthy isn't about what you can't eat -- it's about eating the foods you love anyway.
"In order for it to grow around the world, it needs to be bred by plant breeders down to lower altitude," says journalist Lisa Hamilton. "The trouble is that those seeds -- that genetic diversity -- are owned by the people of the Andes."
Some say one man's vision is responsible for putting chardonnay on tables across America: Jess Stonestreet Jackson of the Kendall-Jackson wine empire. Edward Humes is the author of the Jackson biography A Man and His Mountain.
In the kitchen there are unwritten rules we follow. But what's the science behind these rules? Tim Cebula, senior food editor at Cooking Light and co-author of "Why You Dredge, Rest, Pulse, and Process," explains.
In Fictitious Dishes, designer, writer and amateur table-setter Dinah Fried brings 50 food moments from literature to life.
Maya Angelou stands high on my list of extraordinary people: teacher, mother, poet, playwright, professor, San Francisco's first black cable car conductor -- and a woman who really cooks.