When a dish is built on great broth, bouillon cubes waste your time and money.
As a starter set for a budding chef, try two knives every chef begins with -- a 3 1/2- to 4-inch paring or utility knife, and a 7 to 8-inch chef's knife.
Save money but eat well with chuck steak, the cut of big flavors and some tenderness.
“Off the boil,” the ideal brewing temperature for all coffees except espresso, is 195ºF to 205ºF.
Scalding is easy (but not considered necessary these days).
If you want golden-brown pizza crust, make sure your oven is the correct temperature and keep your dough very soft and a bit sticky.
Check out anything you’re considering buying for the four sauté pan essentials.
Ceramic knifes break and they are difficult to sharpen because ceramic is such a hard material.
Miso will keep for about a year and can go into nearly everything. The darker the miso, the bigger the taste.
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For good health, at least two cutting boards are essential -- one for all animal products, and one for produce.
If you want another take on a sauce for smoked salmon, try this variation on a dish from Joel Robuchon.
Before classy labeling, English peas were simply “garden peas.”
Alice Medrich, author of Seriously Bitter Sweet, says the cocoa percentage of chocolate affects the sweetness, texture and flavor of recipes.
From Key lime to peanut butter pie, Jane and Michael Stern of list six places that will send unique regional pies.
An excerpt from Duck, Duck, Goose by Hank Shaw.
If you cut the number in half, you get the actual amount of alcohol in the bottle. The term comes from an old gunpowder proofing method for whiskey.
Nathan Myhrvold, author of The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, went in search of a book explaining modern culinary techniques. He couldn't find one.
Each type of tea brews best at different temperatures.
Use dried chiles to add flavor, not heat, to dishes.
Hank Shaw, author of Duck, Duck, Goose, says its natural seasonality makes goose a good holiday meal.
Patricia Wells, author of The French Kitchen Cookbook, shares her Christmas inspiration from Paris. The menu includes Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, Saffron and Honey Brioche, Seared Duck Breast, and Pomegranate and Buttermilk Sorbet.
Stevia, a plant native to Latin America, in now grown around the world.
Cast iron pans can last for generations -- to preserve them, don't use soap or steel wool.
Chef Anthony Bourdain, author of Medium Raw, says dishwashing was the first time he went home respecting himself and others.