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September 11th, 2004September 10th, 2005

We're taking a look at Zinfandel, the mystery grape swathed in controversy, its origins lost in the mists of time. Wine historian Charles Sullivan, author of Zinfandel: A History of a Grape and Its Wine, joins us to unravel its questionable past.

The Sterns have found great barbecue behind bulletproof glass at Leon's Bar-B-Que in Chicago. Dorie Greenspan gets us ready for the return of cool weather with the best in bread baking gear. Our go-to guy in New York reveals one of his secrets for great cheap eats: the city's oldest Indian neighborhood called Curry Hill.

Lynne shares her recipe for Tamarind-Glazed Pork Tenderloin Sauté, and Alice Waters, the high priestess of California cuisine and organics, reports on the latest in school lunches from Berkeley's Edible Schoolyard.

Jane and Michael Stern's Roadfood