The Turmeric Trail


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August 3rd, 2002July 19th, 2003

This week it's an antidote to the dog days of summer from Raghavan Iyer, a native of Bombay and author of The Turmeric Trail: Recipes and Memories from an Indian Childhood. Raghavan knows it's all about what you eat. He'll share a cooling menu that includes Corn with Roasted Chiles and Coconut Milk, Chaat, and Green Papaya Salad, all inspired by Bombay street food.

Jane and Michael Stern have a big night out at Archie's Waeside, a classic Midwest supper club in Le Mars, Iowa. Winemaker Randall Graham of Boony Doon Vineyards says riesling, long considered nerdy if not ignored altogether, is the wine to pair with nearly everything we're eating right now. Chef Jerry Traunfeld offers a simple recipe for Melon with Tarragon featuring that finicky prima donna of the herb world. We hear about a novel use for succulent ripe tomatoes from the famed French Laundry Restaurant, and the second half of the show is open to your phone calls.

Jane and Michael Stern's Roadfood