Entertaining with Nora Ephron


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July 6th, 2002June 21st, 2003

Film director, novelist, and playwright Nora Ephron, whose latest book is Crazy Salad, is a woman who loves to cook and have friends in to eat. Everyone has a great time at her house and her dinner parties are legendary. She'll tell us how she stopped worrying, broke a bunch of rules, and learned to enjoy entertaining.

It's mini hot dogs, not lobster, for Jane and Michael Stern at Flo's on the coast of Maine.

Travel & Leisure magazine's Anya Von Bremzen has a connoisseur's guide to authentic paella and shares arecipe and tips from her forthcoming book. We have mail-order sources for specialty rice, the key ingredient in the classic Spanish dish. David Rosengarten picks the best ice creams in America, we'll hear from a Wisconsin man who's been making butter for over 40 years, and Lynne has a menu for summer entertaining.

Jane and Michael Stern's Roadfood