Can you imagine following in the footsteps of Jane and Michael Stern of Roadfood.com? Actor and writer Matthew Arkin, author of In the Country of the Blind, is on tour with the L.A. Theatre Works production of The Graduate. His touring schedule puts him in a unique position -- a big fan of the Sterns, Arkin has been checking out all the places across the country that they rave about.

"When I heard that we were going to be traveling around the country -- I listen to The Splendid Table, I follow Jane and Michael Stern's blog -- I thought, 'Here's a chance to have some of my days free and hit some of these places that I've been hearing about,'" Arkin says. "I went to Roadfood and plugged in every city that we are going to."

The three Roadfood recommendations Arkin has found unforgettable so far? 

1. Tortilleria Nixtamal
New York City

2. Mama's of Corona
The Promenade Food Court, 123-01 Roosevelt Ave., New York City

3. La Barbecue
Austin, Texis

Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Lynne Rossetto Kasper has won numerous awards as host of The Splendid Table, including two James Beard Foundation Awards (1998, 2008) for Best National Radio Show on Food, five Clarion Awards (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014) from Women in Communication, and a Gracie Allen Award in 2000 for Best Syndicated Talk Show.