These divine peanut butter "cups" are nothing more than chunky peanut butter sandwiched between two milk chocolate disks (called feves) that are made by fine chocolate companies like Valhrona and Guittard, for making melting easy. (Valhrona’s are definitely more perfumed and deeply flavored.) It’s not really a recipe.


You just spread a bit of peanut butter on a disk and place another disk over it to make a sandwich. (Because chocolate turns gray when refrigerated, it's best to make these up within a day or so of serving or giving them. You can make a bunch in no time.)

I make these unexpected sweets to serve at the end of dinner parties and to give as gifts, layered into small flat boxes with sheets of parchment or wax paper. (If you don't have any little boxes you can re-use, you can often buy them for a few cents at pastry shops.) Instead of peanut butter, you can make the candies with Hazelnut or Pistachio Praline – roasted nuts that are ground with sugar to a paste. Valhrona milk chocolate “feves” are available at Whole Foods Markets, or by mail-order.