Favorite Food Web Sites Deborah Krasner

Kitchen designer Deborah Krasner likes to keep up with interesting food resources on the Web. Here's some of her favorite finds:

tavolo.com: A big, elegant site with hard-to-find food, equipment, cookbooks and recipes. A source for things like saba and pistachio oil; fair prices.

esperya.com: Elegant, very Italian foods, including fresh buffalo mozzarella, botarga and Sardinian olive oils; organized by Italy's regions; click on the American flag to get prices and foodstuffs available in the U.S.

allthingsdutch.com: Sweet and salty licorice, young and mature Gouda cheeses, Indonesian condiments like sambal ulek.

shamra.com: Mediterranean and Arabic products like rose water, olive oils, grape leaves.

latienda.com: Spanish foodstuffs like hams, honeys, olive oil.

olivefarm.com: Turkish olive oil available only on the Internet, shipped direct from Turkey via the family's warehouse in Seattle.

thaigrocer.com and orientalpantry.com: Both sites offer hard-to-find ingredients if you don't have an Asian market nearby.

ethnicgrocer.com: The biggest and most comprehensive site for ethnic ingredients of all kinds.

fromages.com: Raw milk cheeses shipped at their peak directly from France in 24 hours.

levillage.com: French foods of all kinds.

rogersintl.com: An awesome selection of olive oils and carefully selected foods.

olivemerchant.com: Strictly olive oil, about 60 from all over the world. Deborah says all are great!

wine.com: The name says it all.

Also - a fab site pick from Lynne and a few food writing Web sites for cooks and eaters from Deb:

chefshop.com: A fabulous array of products selected by a veteran specialty food authority.




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