Ceramic knives can break easily and are difficult to sharpen

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Dear Lynne,

I'm writing because I was watching an infomercial for the YoshiBlade knife. My sister and I were wondering if it actually works as well as they advertise. Does it stay sharp as long as they say? 

-Marie in Argusville

Dear Marie,

My husband saw the same ad and we now have a Yoshi knife sitting in the kitchen. Yes, it is sharp. Is it as sharp as they claim it is? No. Other ceramic and metal knives have better edges. And yes, I am very picky, so take the following with a tad of salt. 

The hitch in this sort of knife is two-fold: ceramic knives break (take this from the woman who, without thinking, used her brand new $70 ceramic knife to smash a clove of garlic) and they are difficult to sharpen because ceramic is such a hard material. 

Our YoshiBlade held up for a month or so, but it is now dull and doesn't like my diamond-edged sharpening steel. It's useable but not living up to its hype.

Why not try a metal knife you'll have for years and that takes well to sharpening? One good choice is the 8-inch chef's knife by Victorinox/Forschner, #40520.


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