Normally, keftedes are made with ground meat (they're basically meatballs). These vegetarian alternatives are packed with flavor.

Serve warm or at room temperature, as a side dish or an appetizer with bread or pita.

Grate 2 sweet potatoes (I don't bother peeling).

Sweet and crisp, raw sugar snap peas are hard to resist. In this recipe they are chopped into bite-size pieces and paired with crispy chunks of radish, a bit of mint and crumbles of smooth, creamy, fresh cheese. 

If you like crackly pan scraps, have an appetite for anything extra crispy, or if you prefer your food more darkly tanned than pale, then you must try making tahdig.

This Mediterranean-inspired salad is delicious proof of how effortless and quick it can be to pull together an elegant, satisfying, healthy meal. It's just a matter of elevating cupboard staples with a few fresh, flavorful, easy-prep ingredients. Here canned white beans and tuna are upgraded with a bright lemon-oregano dressing, served on a bed of crisp radicchio and lettuce and garnished with fresh parsley leaves. Serve it with some good crusty bread for a meal that is simply stunning. I call for olive oil-packed tuna for its decadently rich taste and texture. Enjoy this salad with some crusty whole-grain bread or Parmesan-Herb Flatbread Crackers.


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