Main Dishes

Main Dishes

This vegan quiche is gorgeous and full of summery tomato-basil-olive flavor.

Something about the temperature contrast of the hot, salty dog and cold, bracing sauerkraut, and the thick layers of intermingling fat in the form of avocado and mayo, just clicks.

In the vacation resort of my imagination, I’m presented poolside with a cigar box full of salty breakfast sausages rolled up like robustos in golden-brown pancakes, along with a footed tureen of warm maple syrup.

When I was growing up in Bombay, this was a very common lunch dish at our house.

If I ever open a restaurant, this will be one of the top items on my menu.

Pork loin is flattened and then rolled with a mix of creamy ricotta, bright tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs and lemon.

Here, I am taking liberties with a classic Shanghai­style braised whole fish by using salmon fillet cut into individual portions.

This dish simply speaks to us—a recipe that uses traditional Korean flavors but with a preparation that is wholly American.


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