Main Dishes

Main Dishes

Tilapia filets are halved and marinated while you make the crusty tortilla topping and the quick pickled red onion.

I came upon a fantastic marinated artichoke bar there, and the thought just struck me how tasty marinated artichokes might be in a pasta.

This is a simple stew that delivers big flavor.

This vegan quiche is gorgeous and full of summery tomato-basil-olive flavor.

Something about the temperature contrast of the hot, salty dog and cold, bracing sauerkraut, and the thick layers of intermingling fat in the form of avocado and mayo, just clicks.


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Culinary covers

Three-Michelin-star chef Corey Lee's new restaurant, In Situ, is the culinary equivalent of a covers band: Other chefs' greatest hits, made by him. He tells Francis Lam about the project.