Crisp and buttery, they are layered with bright flavor from lemon juice, zest, and extract.

Rich and buttery with big almond flavor, this cake is mixed in seconds in a food processor, but it tastes fancy and sophisticated, and it keeps for days.

A simple and delicious dessert, it is much more interesting when the caramel has a bitter edge.

For the lemon lover, delicate sandwich cookies that can either contain a gilding of jam or be made extra lemony with lemon buttercream or lemon curd.

They’re a crumbly Spanish shortbread most popularly known as Mexican wedding cookies or Russian tea cakes.

Stack cakes aren’t traditional layer cakes—they look more like a stack of pancakes piled up with a sweet filling between the layers.

Break it into pieces or cut into shapes with a serrated knife.

Welcome to the very sweet union of the macaroon and the candy bar.


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Saffron market blossoms for Afghan farmers as alternative to growing poppy

Rumi Spice is a company that sources saffron directly from farmers in Afghanistan. "What we aim to do at Rumi Spice is to help build up that Afghan brand, to make everyone realize that it's a place worth investing in, that the people are worth investing in," says co-founder Kimberly Jung.